Sunday, June 29, 2008

Authorial Intent

The intent of the author is important? here is a writeup on Wikipedia.

Part of a category called Narratology.

Which includes this link to the 36 Dramatic Situations:
  1. Supplication
  2. Deliverance
  3. Crime
  4. Vengeance
  5. Pursuit
  6. Disaster
  7. Revolt
  8. Daring Enterprise
  9. Abduction
  10. The enigma
  11. Obtaining
  12. Enmity of Kin
  13. Rivalry of Kin
  14. Murderous adultery
  15. Madness
  16. Fatal Imprudence
  17. Involuntary
  18. Slaying of kin unrecognized
  19. Self-sacrifice for an ideal
  20. Self-sacrifice for kin
  21. All sacrificed for passion
  22. Necessity
  23. Rivalry of superior vs. inferior
  24. Adultery
  25. Crimes of Love
  26. Discovery of the dishonor of a loved one
  27. Obstacles of love
  28. An enemy loved
  29. Ambition
  30. Conflict with a god
  31. Mistaken jealousy
  32. Erroneous judgement
  33. Remorse
  34. Recovery of a lost one
  35. Loss of loved ones
"Gozzi maintained that there can be but thirty-six tragic situations. Schiller took great pains to find more, but he was unable to find even so many as Gozzi."
I guess they studied all the classics and thats all they could come up with.

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