Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scrum: Development Technique

This falls in the co-creating or team creation arena, and is something I was exposed to recently. Its a product development scheme for software creation. Interesting if it never occurred to you before.

here is a description on Wikipedia.
" Scrum is a process skeleton that includes a set of practices and predefined roles. The main roles in scrum are the ScrumMaster who maintains the processes and works similar to a project manager, the Product Owner who represents the stakeholders, and the Team which includes the developers."
Scrum breaks down the roles of team members into two types: Pigs and Chickens.

" Pigs are the ones committed to the project and the Scrum process; they are the ones with 'their bacon on the line.' "

"Chicken roles are not part of the actual Scrum process, but must be taken into account."

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