Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book Review: Reinventing the Sacred

While on my Trip to Peru and Bolivia, I was reading this book:

I originally saw this on BoingBoing ( link ) and it sounded relevant and interesting. 

I've just finished the first 100 pages and I feel a little lost in the specifics of the science at times, but I feel the greater significance very compelling, while my understanding of the subject matter grows.

Kauffman continually makes a distinction between what is reducible to physics and what is not. That natural selection is not predictable by science due to the quantum dice rolling that is goin on. This distinction is basically that the emergent properties of creation in the universe are not covered by reductionists. Which links to his greater point that reductionism has left a great void in Western civilization between spirituality and reason or science.

There are tons of great nuggets in this book so far and I am stoked to finish it. The Creation meme that I have just been enlightened towards is the science of what is happening on the molecular, cellular levels. Cell division, DNA, and Morphogenesis. These offer amazing insights into the nature of Creation.

From the chapter, Order For Free:

Ontogeny is a magically complex process of emergent order. A human starts as a single cell, the fertilized cell or zygote. This zygote undergoes about fifty cell divisions and creates all the different cell types in a newborn baby: liver, kidney, red blood cells, muscle cells - about 265 cell type by histological criteria. This process of creating different cell types is called "differentiation." Roughly speaking, there is a branching tree of differentiation from zygote to all the final cell types of the adult organism. 

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